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How yuVe works

to your satisfaction

1. You enter a request

into the yuVe app. Add photo/video and choose delivery date.

2. We deliver it to suppliers

registered within your area. In no time.

3. You choose from the offers

considering references and price. Do not forget to rate.

Take a look at the 
Life with yuVe 

Why yuVe?

The most important things yuVe will bring to you.
Your satisfaction 
Is our priority 

All the features we endowed yuVe with, serve to ensure the most important goal.  Your satisfaction.

Everything in the smartphone
For the customer and for the supplier

yuVe is a service of searching for suppliers and delivering offers, based on smartphones.. You do not need anything else.

Evaluated suppliers
By customers and by yuVe

yuVe has a sophisticated rating system, in which our own observations as well as customer references are saved.

Wide offering
For you, every day

yuVe listens to you carefully and is constantly adding services in order to be as helpful as it can be.

How the suppliers are being rated

Take a look at a few supplier ratings from yuVe customers

“Very reliable. Works well and responsibly. Highly recommended!" (insulation with plasterboard)

"He has been very kind, receptive and professional. Of course, we will count on him again. It's a great cleaning service." (apartment cleaning)

"Very professional and with real knowledge of everything related to the lamps. 100% recommendable." (installation of ceiling fans with light)


requests received

within the past 12 months


the numbet of countries

in which yuVe operates


% of suppliers

have been rated by customers


If you want to offer your services, install the application yuVeneer. After the launch, select the registration and take the procedure of confirmation of competence to work with yuVe. After the launch, select the registration and take the procedure of confirmation of competence to work with yuVe.
yuVeneer for Android
yuVeneer for iOS

In yuVe, we put emphasis on your satisfaction, by all means. However, the range of services and the number of customers may occasionally cause a failure of yuVe standards. If such a case occurs, feel free to send us a report via app.

PIN protects your account, which you can log into using any phone. After the first login, you can turn off the PIN requirement in the Application settings. If you forget your PIN, yuVe will send you a new one to your email automatically after the third unsuccessful attempt.

You can accept the chosen offer from a particular supplier directly from the Chat, or from the Offer Details screen. he rest of suppliers will then receive an announcement that you have already chosen one and it also allows you to rate the supplier within 90 days of opening your request.

Download  yuVe today

So it comes in handy when you need us.

yuVe yuVe

Service offering

Main groups and categories
  • 1. Houses and apartments

    Windows and doors, floors, walls and ceilings, roofs, water and waste, gas, electricity, heating and airconditioning, stairs and railings, fireplaces, stoves, chimneys, household appliances,  furniture, lights, cleaning services, painting services 

  • 2. Surroundings

    Soil work, fences, doors and gates, walkways and terraces, gazebos and shelters, swimming pools, garden work

  • 3. Vehicle service

    Car, motocycle, bike, boat. Bodywork repair and varnishing, engine and other mechanical parts repair, car electrical and lights repair, tyre servicee, total car diagnostics, car washing, others

  • 4. Other services

    Firewood delivery and preparation, rodent control, disinfection and disinfestation, transport services, cleaning services, repair and servicing of computer equipment